IC Freedom Pix, An Independent Film Production Company

Norm Novitsky is the founder of IC Freedom Pix, as well as BluNile Films and IC Liberty Films, and is known for his staunch support of the U.S. Constitution.  His most recent film project is the educational dramatic-comedy – In Search Of Liberty – that will introduce the U.S. Constitution to a wide audience.

In 1998, after achieving success in the business world, he returned to school to study filmmaking. While there he wrote, produced and directed two short independent films and as a result became an independent film producer.

As the head of BluNile Films, he executive-produced a teen suspense thriller, Pray for Morning, released in 2006.  That movie won the Columbine Award for Film Score at the 2007 Moondance International Film Festival.
Norm Novitsky ISOL

Producer and director Novitsky and his production team at IC Freedom Pix are quite proud of In Search if Liberty, which will raise the awareness and importance of the U.S. Constitution in the hearts and minds of all Americans, young and old alike.

“Most noteworthy, if you don’t know your rights, it’s easy to lose them.  It really is that simple.  We must inform people about the importance of our Constitution,” says Novitsky.  “If we continue to bypass the Constitution, it will no longer exist. As a result, our freedom will perish.”

In Search of Liberty

An IC Freedom Pix Production

In Search of Liberty will visually demonstrate to modern-day America the application and relevance of the Constitution in an entertaining way.”

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